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As mentioned in the title, these 3 photos are different in the fact that they have each had a different filter applied via photoshop cs3, this experiment was aimed as developing the ideal lighting and colour to use in my final piece. Eventually I concluded that the most effective filter was Red, i feel that this would be a result of people associating the colour with horror when used in pictures. I also found that the Blue worked well in creating the effect of modern night-vision technology, this has even been used in recent horror films such as paranormal activity 1&2, this comparison is also examined further in another entry to this blog.


Below is a photo that is taken from the actual film:

Photo 1: Radial Blurred to aimed focus on subject

Photo 2: Original taken with red filter

Photo 3: Made up of two photos, one without any subject visible but identical background, the second is the original, the layers have been merged at a mid opacity creating the effect that the subject is translucent.