I found that this film influenced me greatly when deciding the ways in which i would compose photos in my project,
on key aspect of the film is unconditionally placed manikins which seems to create and era that someone of intelligence has placed them there, the film however is about rabid human/zombies running wild through New York city, this means the the mystery is constantly contributing to the atmosphere and cinematography of the movie.

This image works very well at creating fear in the eyes of the viewer,
it causes them to question the motives of both characters featured within.
It also noticeably anticipates what is likely to come next, the photo is well composed
and if divided into thirds, each will contain its own foci.

This photo shows fear in the eyes of the subject rather than the viewer,
it uses the same effect as the 28 weeks later shot by having the light outside a building,
brighter than that inside a building, this can be very effective when
depicting apocalyptic images.