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This is the original photo by Nathan Wright ^

Edit 2:

Black/white edit :

Nathan Wright

Nathan Wright is a proffesional horror photographer that I have decided to study:

He shoots alot of scenes in abandoned buildings, this is very effective as it creates a great sense of fear in viewer, using strategically placed objects this abandoned effect also creates a strong depth of mystery in the photos and allows the viewer to piece together what may have happened. The constant idea that he uses is “aftermath” the photos are shot in a way that relates back to what could have happened before, another method used for creating this same effect of mystery.

This first photo appears to be taken in an old prison, the fact that it is empty yet all the doors are open simulates the feeling of agoraphobia which is an effective method for creating fear in a photo. The various sources of natural light mean that there is a great variety of colours used in the photo which i feel illustrates the possible moods that this picture could influence. The camera angle is specifically effective in creating a sense of perception and portrays the corridor as a cold, long and frightening room.

This photo is another example of the artistic photography that Nathan Wright produces. The subject of the photo is the bath tub that is smeared in blood, this makes the whole photo quick gruesome and fearful, unusually he has decided not to make the subject centred in the photo. I feel the reasoning behind this is due to two factors, firstly the placement of the bath in the room and secondly the window in the top left. It could be argued that the window is another key feature in this photo as it beams a strong amount of light across a select part of the photo, this highlights a lot of attention to the bath. The set for the photo is quite wrecked which i feel works effectively as it helps to create the feeling of gore and possibly a murder that took place previous to the photo being taken. Finally the blood is the most impacting aspect to the photo, it is spread out in such a way that you would expect from a human being. This supports the assumptions of murder as does the spread out droplets on the rear wall and the hand print on the far right of the picture.

Finally I choose this photo as it is my favourite by Nathan Wright, it is very different from the previous as it is shot outside and in such a way that it almost looks synthetic and cartoon styled. The horror aspects remains due the the sharp barbed wire the the blood stained material, i feel that this contrasts well with the yellow, white and orange background.

Aperture re-shoot

For this picture I used an aperture of F5.6, this gave me great depth of field, this meant that everything was in focus with the camera. Unfortunatly this meant that no specific details of the picture stood out, this means i would have to use a smaller aperture (higher “F” number) in order to bring just the bridge of the guitar into focus.

For this photo i used an aperture of F11, i also used a tripod in order to maintain the same photo that i had previously taken. The mid-range aperture of F11 meant that it brought the background an some of the guitar head/neck out of focus. This was the effect i was attempting to achieve, at this point however i feel i still needed a smaller aperture to bring just the bridge into focus.

Finally i used an aperture of F22 in order to achieve the effect that i was aiming for. Using this small aperture meant that only the bridge and everything in front was in focus, this is known as a shallow depth of field and is often used in order to draw great attention to the subject of a photo and other specific details.

I tweaked the levels and used the clone tool to remove glare and background. This created strong colour and a vast range of shadows:

Low Shutter Speed:

For this picture i used a shutter speed of 1 second, this long exposure time meant that the light from the matches had a greater impact of the picture.

For this photo i used a longer shutter speed to the previous photo, it was around 8 seconds of exposure, this meant that i could move the torch around in to achieve a long white bar effect, this meant that by turning on and off the torches i could achieve this effect.

Finally i used a long shutter speed of 4 seconds on this picture, unfortunatly the aperate did not adjust to a high enough degree which meant that the photo came out very dark.

High shutter speed:

For the following photos i used a shutter speed of 1/250 seconds, this meant that everything in the photo was caught in motion, the grains of rice would have been fallen down as the water in the first picture. The third and fourth photos catch a water fountain in mid-air so that you can see the idividual droplets, this quick shutter speed can also be descibed as a short exposure time.

Depth of field

The First photo I took, I used a smaller aperture (f5.6), this gave me a very shallow depth of field, this bought everything close into focus but blurred the background.

The second Photo I took using a much greater aperture (f16) which gave me a greater depth of field, this meant that the background was now brought into focus.

For this i wanted to create the effect of sand, the nearest material i could find to this was brown sugar, i first applied a layer of Pva glue and then sprinkled sand over my face until it created a heavy layer. I was quite pleased with the result that was achieved. 

This is the original for the digitally manipulated portrait:


For this photo i used a variety of blurs on photoshop to simulate an over exagerated layer of foundation, i then used the airbrush tool to create the effect of blusher on the cheeks of my subject i then used a the lasso tool to select facial parts such as “lips” “eyes” and “eyebrows”. Then i changes the levels and hue to draw attention to the specific parts that are selected, this gave the effect of lipstick and other cosmetic products. I feel the background used was abit too vibrant and that i should have shot it with plain white, if i was to re-shoot the photo i would take this into consideration.